Tuscan cuisine: healthy food, seasonal food, local food, organic food, cooking - all in Tuscany.

For us, good food doesn’t only mean taste, but something more. In our daily life we try to make optimal food choices, and through our job we try to communicate to people our believe, our experience, our hope. Passion in what you do is the best way to inform others and attract interest.

Good food means:

Healthy food! We don’t use frozen food or junk food.

Seasonal food! Why eat bland, greenhouse tomatoes in December? We have plenty of tomatoes ripened with taste and sun during the summertime.

Local food! Buying local is the best way to support small farmers and to know what you are eating.

Organic food! It is good for us, for the earth, and for our future.

Cooking! That satisfied feeling when preparing a homemade dish.

Cooking and eating together is a fundamental part of the good life. Why not make it fun too? Luckily, we have grown up in a typical Italian family where we eat together and during one meal already plan what to eat for the next one. We are very happy to share with you our passion for food, cooking and social eating. Whatever you choose, a catered meal or a cooking lesson, just begin to slow down, relax and get ready to enjoy. Choosing a lesson or a catered meal with us means to be introduced our Tuscan culture with a touch of creativity, fun, learning and curiosity. You will be a part of a pleasant and friendly family atmosphere.

healthy Tuscan food
A Tuscan vegetarian plate

seasonal Tuscan food
Happy cooks!

local Tuscan food
A Tuscan cheese plate

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