The cuisine of Tuscany is characterised by it use of fresh, seasonal ingredients

Tuscan cooking is based on fresh, unprocessed ingredients, mainly cereals, vegetables and legumes. We love and respect our traditions and our culinary roots, but we also put some personal touches into our cooking. This means sometimes making the recipes lighter or sometimes using a novel combination of herbs or spices.

Italy and especially Tuscany are also famous for the great tradition of shopping for raw materials at the local outdoor produce markets. And we do this as well, making good use of our local suppliers, most of whom are known to us personally. Fruit and vegetables are bought from local farmers once our small garden production is exhausted. Most are good friends and colleagues whom we got to know when we were selling produce from our previous farm at the same market.

Cereals, flours and pasta come from the Tuscan region and we buy them in large quantities before the summer so that we are sure to have enough. Meat, eggs and dairy are locally produced, with a few exceptions such as for cow milk cheeses and some cold cuts. The ingredients we don’t find from small producers or sellers are bought organic in the local supermarket.

Tuscan fruit and vegetable market
Shopping at a Tuscan fruit and vegetable market with Elisa

Fresh Tuscan fruit and vegetables
Success! Fresh Tuscan fruit and vegetables

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