Tuscan cooking class and Tuscan dinner with "Let's Cook" of Montespertoli, Tuscany

"Let's Cook" Tuscan cooking lessons

Our Tuscan cookery lessons consist of the cooking class itself and the dinner at which you savour the products of your labours.

"Let's Cook" Tuscan cooking lessons can be fine-tuned for all levels of experience among the participants. Our aim is to show that greast-tasting Tuscan food is not difficult to prepare. Our participants have been single families, groups of families on vacation together, groups of students and even some journalists. Professional cooks are also guaranteed to learn new and useful techniques and dishes.

Cookery classes in the Tuscan countryside

Jacopo and his wife Anna moved in the countryside fifteen years ago, looking for a human-scale lifestyle and a better place to raise their children. The countyside cooking classes are held in their attractive old Tuscan farmhouse, a true family home, where a professional and well-equipped kitchen has been organised. Following the lesson, we will enjoy the dishes you have prepared, taking time to relax, eat, talk, try some Chianti wine, in our peaceful garden. In wintertime, we can eat indoors in front of the fire.

Tuscan cooking lessons in Florence

By taking cooking classes during your stay in Florence, you can merge art with food if you take the opportunity to become familiar with a few Florentine culinary traditions. Classes are held in a beautiful apartment in an historic palace in the centre of Florence. The kitchen is large and well equipped, well-lit. Before the class it is possible to go with Jacopo to shop for fresh ingredients at the local fresh food market San Ambrogio. This is one important way to experience the atmosphere of Florentine daily life and to meet the small farmers who still produce food in the country around town and come every day to sell their produce at the market.

From: The Observer, Sunday, 23 July, 2003 by Lynn Barber

...Thence to a private apartment where a beautiful couple called Anna and Jacopo are to give us a cookery lesson. The foodies all go into ecstasies when Jacobo tells them he is going to teach them how to make bruschetta and Tuscan rabbit with herbs. This is my cue for another siesta, while they get busy chopping (I plan to die without ever learning to cook), and when I wake there is a lovely meal on the table. Perfect! They cook; I eat; everyone is happy....

Tuscan pasta lessons in Florence
Young but enthusiastic pupils preparing pasta in Florence.

Tuscan dinner in Tuscany
Enjoying the products of our labour at our house in Trecento.

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