How to contact "Let's Cook" to arrange your Tuscan cooking course in Florence or Montespertoli

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Our Tuscan cooking classes can take place in Trecento, a village near Montespertoli, or in Florence

The best way to contact us is by email:

Our Tuscan cooking lessons are available in English, French or Italian.

The number of participants in non-student courses is usually limited to 8 persons.

Morning lessons begin at 9.30 am (8.30 am if the visit to Sant' Ambrogio market is included) and last through lunchtime.

Afternoon cooking courses begin at 4 pm and last through dinner time.

Trecento is a mediaeval village located 45 km (about 50 minutes by car) from central Florence.

To arrange for your Tusany cooking lesson, please contact us by email and let us know something about yourselves so that we can make an offer that fits your wishes. This is the kind of information we need:

• Do you want your cooking lesson to take place in Florence or at our farmhouse near Montespertoli?
• If at Trecento, what transport arrangements do your foresee making?
• If in Florence, do you wish to visit Sant Ambrosio market to buy ingredients?
• How many adults and how many children will participate in the lesson?
• If there will be additional participants at the dinner afterwards, how many will there be?
• Which date or dates do your prefer?
• Where will you be staying?

For catering of a private dinner at your vacation accommodations:

• How many adults and how many children will take part?
• Do you have particular courses that you would like to try?
• Where will you be staying?
• Which date or dates do your prefer?
• Does your accommodation have a fully-equipped kitchen?

Team building events:

Looking for an enjoyable Team Building event for your employees or clients? We will customise a hands-on Culinary Team Building event or Private Cooking Party to meet your specific needs!

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